In the storm

messing  Mental illness can strike at any time in a multitude of ways.  I have been studding Schitsopherena lately.  All the labels that they have these day’s seem so blurred.  but there are quite a few things that relate.  It is just nice to have a legand everyone looks at that leg and feels bad and you do you best to work around this disability.  Mental is different, Nothing is wrong, Except that you take four more of ativan to get to sleep at night.  Your world is rocked.  only through God’s grace there hope.



If your hearts not in it, well then, neither is mine.  You can’t lead a country, let alone flourish in a marriage, with an attitude like that.  To abandon desire is to say, “I don’t really need you; I don’t really want you.  But I will live with you because, well, I’m supposed to.”  It is a grotesque corruption of what was meant to be a beautiful dance between desire and devotion.

Reading out of the journey of desire by eldredge.  what are my desires?  I want to not live without Depth of desire flowing out of me.  My bar is set high.