Holy Ghost

My Dove

Some new news, we now named our dove, her name is Joy.  and she is still doing well.

The Old King James Bible uses the words Holy Ghost to refer to the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit has been referenced to being as a Dove in scripture.  The reason I post this is not to quote the bible, but to tell a story of a Dove, a Baby Dove.

Somewhere back in October I had a Dove hatch out.  I had eight doves at the time in an outdoor aviary.  Now I have Nine.  This dove because of the time of year is living inside my house and I have had the privilege to spend much time with him.  This bird is quite the friend, and I have become very attached.  Tonight he was out on the couch and I made the terrible error of sitting on the top of him.  I have had many animals and truly this was the end.  I was crushed and as my wife and I stood in the kitchen with this bird turning blue and not breathing, my wife suggested that we ask God for His Miraculous healing.  I really had my doubt, but also found a glimmer of faith.

As of now, my Dove is alive and well!  I pray that he makes it well through the night, but other than a few missing feathers, it appears that there was total healing.  I do serve a God that is alive.  As the Holy Spirit is alive in healing my Dove, my dove is like that of the Spirit.

I have been a Christian for many years, but it is seeing God work in our lives daily that is awesome.  Thankyou Lord for refreshing my faith in you today.