Pondering Life

Sometimes I think about things maybe too deep.  I wonder sometimes if all people are like me or if some don’t think beyond the surface and some are much deeper?  I tend to think about things too deep.  No thought for me is simple.  I was explaining to my wife today about when I was a kid, I wanted to purchase a sling shot.  I somehow remember that this had a price tag of $7.00.  I went back and forth on this for months!  before I finally decided to spend my hard earned money on it.  Today I spend $8.00 on two latte’s.   I don’t get it.  I was driving uptown Gig Harbor yesterday when the Narrow’s Bridge was closed for the day with no sign of opening.  I was perplexed to see all the people waiting in their cars to go over.  I thought out-loud and said that they were all moron’s!!!  Either go home or drive around, but they seemed to know something that I didn’t.  I see people stuck in ditches or the side of the road and again think the same thing.  Am I just smarter than all the rest?

I don’t think I am smarter, I think it is the human condition to believe that we have the one up on the rest of the world.  If only I was the boss, pastor, leader.  Cant President Obama see?!  The reality is that it probably is really harder than it looks.  The horse sticks his head through the fence to eat all that wonderful grass.  If He was to get out and actually get that field which seems like a no brainer, he would get sick and maybe die!!!  Maybe our master really does know what is best, maybe God can be trusted.

I often think the thoughts that I don’t want to waist my life.  I am feeling my age already.  If only I had the time and money to do what I want to do!  I want to be important.  Don’t we all?  How do I know that where I live is the place God really wants me to live?  Am I just holding on to these worldly goods?  I want to be open to God’s leading.  I findmyself doing a lot of comparing.  Why do we do this?  Cant we all talk about this?  Everyone elses life seems better than our own.

Lord teach me to be the leader you created me to be.  Don’t let me follow the whims of everyone else.  Let me find conviction and satisfaction where I am at and what I do.



I must admit that I am working at reading 15 minutes of scripture daily and I am failing miserably!  Why is it so hard to just be consistent as something like this.  If anyone else has a hard time doing bible reading, I think it is the way it is with Relationship.  It’s spending time with God in His word and it’s a challenge to build relationships.  I am also heading out to the ocean on Thursday with my wife and celebrating our 10 year anniversary!  I can hardly wait and yet it is overwhelming to get all that needs done to be done, so that we can leave in the morning.