Family; the Pressures of Life

I find that Life is a process of continually trying to Grow.  There are two types of people that I see in society.  There are those that are continually open to growth and those that have arrived.

Those that have arrived are the anoying ones as they think there at a level of not needing growth.

If your open to growing, you are admitting to not knowing everything.

I am overwhelmed with trying to keep up with life.  there are so many things I want to accomplish and do, my brain is two miles ahead of my time-frame and finances.  I don’t want to rush my kids to grow up and leave home, but I also get frusterated that in life you never have the things you want when you think you need them. I dream of having a Pole Barn.  WHAT?  kinda wierd dream to have is what some think.  But I think of having the large space to do projects, to gather with friends and family.  A place that I can unload all the projects that I have in my house and garage and put them in a spot that just makes since.  Then I can also open up the house and garage for general living and not feel so tight.  WOW, I all of a sudden feel so american!

Another thing on my mind is dealing with family and friends. ..

Mike Meyer, a close friend of mine, and also a person I called my Dad, passed away early this week.  Not sure of his age, assuming that it is arround sixty.  I want to be there for friends or as I call them, “family”, but not sure how to help.  Why is life so hard sometimes?  I wish that things would just make since.

A new can of worms…

Monday is the day that I am going to revisit my Grandpa’s shop after six years of giving things to God.  Prayers of dealing with family, patience and the ability to not get stuck on the worldly possessions.  I ultimately miss my Grandpa and would give anything for another day to hang out with him.  I pray that he made it into eternity with Jesus.

On the Lighter side of life, I am finding that we own a Zoo.  I realized the other day that our family includes…

Chris & Rachel

Diana & Zebedee

Suzy & Dakota, the dogs

Autumn, the guinea pig

Rose, the rat

Rascal & Moe, the boy’s, “Rats”

Chatters & Snowflake, the mice

Jet, the beta

the fish

Joy, the inside dove

the other 8 doves outside

Stripe and Mr Rooster, “take a Guess”

Tiger & Momma Kitty

the 4 Kids, Cats

I believe that that is all the family, and yes, they are all family.  Yesterday Joy took a bath in Jet’s aquarium, Suzy is now in the house and Tiger is taking a nap in the hallway, He doesn’t know that he is heading outside very soon!

Life is crazy, I am Crazy, and the world has gone Crazy!


Life’s Bottleneck

Life has a way of coming to a bottleneck at times.  I have been under a ton of stress with multiple issues.  How do you keep sanity in the midst of busy times and tough times?  Psalms 25 was helping me the other day, but even though I read those words I still doubt God’s capability of truly being there for me.  I know in my head all the right stuff, in fact I know it so well that it becomes a mental thing rather than something that sinks into my heart.  I need to have the Heart belief that God is there and loves me and will take care of me.  I am insecure in my abilities, my decision-making and it seems that the enemy keeps bringing up my past failures and it is hard to let them go.  I want to say that I have learned from my mistakes, but the 2×4 keeps whacking me in the head as I repeat the same things.  “God, help me to trust in you alone, let me not be afraid of the future, afraid that I am going to lose control again.  Give me wisdom to step back when I need to step back, and to press forward when that is what is needed.”  Being a Dad is one of the most rewarding as well as hardest job ever.  I cant tell you how many times people, especially men ask me how the job search is going, or what I am doing.  Can I say that there is nothing, no job that I see as more important than being a dad.  I am sacrificing some critical years of my life to love on my children, and it is hard work.  I would challenge any man, to try giving up their career and stay at home with their children.  The chance of raising up a generation of children who have security in who they are because of their father’s input and love.  The eternal relationship that so many people lack from their fathers.  How many people think of their career on the death bed.  And how many think of their families and friends.  Would you question a woman for staying at home to be a mother?  What is the meaning of life?  I think it must have something to do with our relationships.  Our relationships between family, friends, and most of all God himself.  Not a large retirement account.  Explain to me what the bible say’s about retirement.  I am interested to learn.  But I don’t see it as God’s foremost plan.  

-a few ramblings of a Dad