President, to become.

Have you ever thought about becoming the President of the United States of America?  I have.  Who hasent?  As a child, to aspire to any and all things.  For one to say that your options are limitless!  What does that really mean?

In spite of the recent election, which I am in disbelief.  The question comes to me….  is it possible to run for President without being rich, without being a lawyer, or having a degree from Harvard?  What about the regular person that understands the challenges of daily life.

I would call myself Republican, but is that even what I believe.  I don’t believe in another man’s understanding of how to govern.  I have a God ideal.  I biblical perspective.  I would say that if I ran, I would be a Godlican. How’s that for a fresh thought.

Morality can only be judged by some standard.  What is the standard of tHE USA?  At one time, it was “in God that we trusted”.  That is not the standard anymore and it shows.  Just because it is Law, doesn’t make it right.  If I smoke Tabasco I will probably die of cancer or COPD.  But it is legal.  Now I can smoke Pot and it is also legal.  It doesn’t make it right.  What about the new marriage laws?  Should gay and lesbian be able to legally marry?  Yes, if you judge it by a different standard.  But put it against the bible and that would be a No.

The standard to right and wrong is the bible.  Take that away and you end up with Morality run wild.  Law is neither wright or wrong.  You can do a lot legally and not be punished on earth, but I believe we will be judged in eternity for our actions behind the laws.  The Germans were once commanded to do certain horrible acts and it was legal.  But that did not make it right.

God loves both Democrat and Republican.  There is no difference in His love.  I don’t know how to separate these two ideologies.  I think we are missing the mark to say one is right and one is wrong.  But instead, lets as a country begin to look past this and see what the standard is that we build from.  If we make our decisions in every aspect of government on the Word of God, what could the possibilities be?

Is it possible to become President?  What are the requirements?  35yrs old and a natural born citizen.  are there others?

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