Keeping the homefront home

ok, finally i get to write.  I spent about an hour updating this blog.

You ever feel like you are trying to get going on something and it seems that you never actually get it going?  Well, I am constantly setting new goals for myself in this roll as the stay at home parent.  i am working on dicilpline, which fails almost every morning.

i spent the day today focusing on finishing my daughter’s bedroom.  i am re-texturing it and painting it.  As well as keeping up with the animals and getting dinner ready, I got the first coat of mud on the walls.  In the process of mudding, I was walking around the room with the mud and i found this engraving on the wall.  you got to understand my children, my son Zebedee is Known for doing things of this nature, but Diana I would never suspect.  I didn’t cover it up, i think I will leave it for a memory, I even thought of cutting it out of the wall.  But that would be weird.

on a whole different topic, i took my Puppy Anne to Minter Creek this morning, and she had quite the time playing in the water.  i think this will have to become a routine coffee stop.

one more thing…. a friend Tauna inspired me about Kale, well i added some bok choy and kale to my homeade turkey bean soup today.  It turned out amazing.  DSC03182