Where it all began

This is the place. If there is one place that I attribute to what’s most precious to me it is “WBC”, Warm Beach Camp.

Here at the prayer chapel is where I accepted Jesus into my life when I was 14.

This also is the place where I set up an ice carving that I carved into the words “will you marry me?”  Yes, I asked Rachel James to be my wife!  Believe it or not, she actually said “YES”!!!

Cedar Lodge
inside the prayer chapel
prayer chapel
view of Camano Island across the Puget Sound

Lunch anybody?

If you’re in Seattle, stop by for a sandwich. This place is the bomb!!!  I’m a big guy, but 1/2 of any of their sandwiches is plenty for me. I also followed it down with a new root beer. The “Cubano” for instance is a taste explosion that melds together beautifully on the pallet. Ever heard of a smoked pickle?  Well, that’s one of the many unique and creative flavores. 10$ for a sandwich of this caliber is worth googling the name and using your gps to get there. 


My daughter Diana is 12. When I drop her at Jr. High each morning I then have 45 minutes with Zebedee, my 10 yr old before school. I also have my third child Anne. A human but looks like a dog. She’s 4. We love to spend time with the local coffee crowd. “Close-To-Home Espresso” in KeyCenter.  On the beautiful Key Peninsula Washington State. 


What’s on the Smolko farm?  To mention one in particular… We are now owners of Pancetta & Capicola. Two male pigs. At the moment I am lead to believe that they know more about me than I know about them. KuneKune is what they are. Born in January 2016. I am fluent with most birds, I know quite a bit about Honey Bees, but Pigs?