Bacon, Ham, Pancetta

It’s all in the Smoke House!  48hrs and these pigs will be done!  Can’t wait to experience the end product on Sunday.

As I see it, it will either be awful, Incredible, or everyone who eat’s it will die!  “I am a Black and White kind of guy”.

Even did an old fashion batch of “Salt Pork”.  Of course that’s not in the smoker.



Bacon & Ham almost ready for the cold smoker

The word for the day at the Smolko family lately has been, what’s for dinner? “Pork”.

I just finished the cure process of the Bacon, the Hams will be done tomorrow.  Then 24 hours in the smoke house!  Cant wait to give this a whirl.

Charcuterie ?

I love to experiment with food.  Yesterday was homemade Bratwurst rolled in to Meatballs and cooked with potatoes, carrots, celery, onion, Homemade Sauerkraut and a bottle of Beer.  It turned out exceptional.  Best of all, made with PORK!



Smoking… and pigs.

     Today I finished butchering two pigs and fired up the new smoker for the first time!  Ive alway’s wanted to make cured meats.  Now I have the perfect tool to do just that!  I finished my “Cold Smoker”.  it is a small one, just like everything I build.  4 x 4 feet wide with about 6′ to the top of the box.  Adjustable racks and way’s to hang things.  The first things to go in will be bacon and ham that I am curing.  I guess Ham is the staple for Christmas this year!  Smoked cheeses, mushrooms, and jerky for future backpack trips.  let me know if you want to plan to smoke anything.

The Season is in the Air

It is that time of year again.  The wind is blowing, the leaves are falling, Changes of color throughout the hills.  Pumpkins, acorn squash, butternut, corn stalks.  The smell of pies fill the room, a glass of fresh Apple Cider, or Hot Spiced Cider, or better yet, Hot Spiced Wine with a cinnamon stick.  Peppermint bark, Costco’s Fruit Cake with a bit of Rum on top, “which is delicious by the way”.  Awaiting a feast of Grandma’s old favorite recipes at Thanksgiving Dinner.  Even as a Chef, there’s nothing like Grandma’s old family recipes.  Pumpkin Everything!

I love lighting up the wood stove at night, a couple candles, and a hot drink to sip, while hanging out with the family at night.

Of all this, I love to see the changes of color in the garden.

And what’s not to love when the season as a whole wraps up to a holiday that we get the privilege of celebrating JESUS becoming flesh as a baby in Bethlehem.

My Lord & Savior, The Christ.