Spring = Bee Season!

img_3176The season is near!  I am not ready!  Starting to get frames together, Ordering my new bees, hoping that my bees winter over from last year.  Organization is Key for me.  At the moment I feel like my bee equipment is at a disaster level.  Setting up the locations of where I will keep my bees this season.  Seeing what deals I can make within my community.  Some I rent for pollination, others I put out if people want to pay for the new packages of bees.  I was up in Lynden this last week, I can’t help but think it would be nice to set up my bees up in farming  country where Blueberries and Raspberries abound!  This will be a great year.  Cant wait to spend time with all my millions of little girls again, and a few Drones. 🙂



Snow Shoeing with the Family

Lynden, WA

Our family went up to our time share in Lynden for 2 nights.  Lynden is just 10 minutes from the Canadian Border.  We spent Saturday up at Mt. Baker.  It was a picture perfect day!  All day we spent on our show shoes. What a great day.  The stream you see in the photo’s was amazing, I even saw a nice Trout swimming in it.  We took the Ferry across the Puget Sound on the way up from our house.  I got to play in the snow with my Jeep.  Upon checkout we went across the border into Canada.  Had lunch with our aunt and uncle at Tim Hortons, “A Favorite Food Stop in Canada”.  We also got our other favorites… Ketchup Chips, Some Cadbury Chocolate, including “Crunchy Bars & Smarties”, some “Growers” Hard Cider, and Tidbits, a 50 Pack!  We love our Canadian comfort foods.  Once again, love hanging with my family, they ROCK!

“Daddy Date”

I have the most creative Daughter.  One of her favorite Christmas presents this year was a card that was hidden in the tree.  It was a ticket for a “Daddy Date” at Java & Clay.  It’s a wonderful coffee shop on the water in Gig Harbor.  The rear of the shop is full of tables set with paints and brushes.  Surrounding the Shop is shelfs of un-painted pottery.  You pick your item and the price is on the bottom.  That’s It!  All the painting and time it takes, and firing are included.  Pick up 5 day’s later and your take home your beautiful finished item.  Nothing like spending the afternoon with my daughter painting.  LOVE IT!!!