Oxalic Acid

Varroa mites are a never ending frustration to the beekeeper. This year I’m giving a Oxalic Acid Vaporizer a try. Hopguard has been my main treatment up till now. I’m hopefull to save some money with using my vaporizer. Soon I will be able to comment on its effects.


Kingston Farmers Market May 27th 2017

We had a great sunny day at the Kingston Farmers Market today. A whole family event today.  

The bees are doing good. They are enjoying the sunny weather. 

Come out and see us at the Market! We’re right becide the ferry terminal. 

Kingston Farmers Market

Zebedee and I had a great day today at the Kingston Farmers Market. We hope to bee there every Saturday this season. 

We sold lots of Honey, beeswax candles, lotion bars, wax and pollen. Lots of fun meeting new people, making some money and spending quality time with my son. 

Come on out and see us next Saturday!