May 12th Kingston Farmers Market!!

A great second weekend at the market. Come check us out! We are enjoying the sun. Talking with people. Sharing about Honey Bees. Selling a little honey.

We took Peeps & McGregor, and their 6 chicks with us. Had a ton of fun.


HoneyBee Season is NOW!

Time is here! My bees are buzzing, infact ALL bees are buzzing! I am now checking on my girls again regularly. I will be at the “KINGSTON FARMERS MARKET” every Saturday 9-2:00 starting this weekend. I apologize if I’ve been a bit slack this past few weeks getting back to people. I have just been crazy busy as well as I just turned 40! ALL my products will be available and stocked by this weekend. At least that is my plan and I’m sticking to it. 😎. Please be in touch, if I forgot you, don’t take it personally. I’m creating systems to organize my systems. “That was a joke”.

Kingston Farmers Market is also on Facebook.

May God grant us a great year, in weather, health of us and our bees, no foulbrood, and lots of good sweet HONEY!

Contact me anytime….

Christopher Smolko

Smolko’s Farm & Bees