May 12th Kingston Farmers Market!!

A great second weekend at the market. Come check us out! We are enjoying the sun. Talking with people. Sharing about Honey Bees. Selling a little honey.

We took Peeps & McGregor, and their 6 chicks with us. Had a ton of fun.


HoneyBee Season is NOW!

Time is here! My bees are buzzing, infact ALL bees are buzzing! I am now checking on my girls again regularly. I will be at the “KINGSTON FARMERS MARKET” every Saturday 9-2:00 starting this weekend. I apologize if I’ve been a bit slack this past few weeks getting back to people. I have just been crazy busy as well as I just turned 40! ALL my products will be available and stocked by this weekend. At least that is my plan and I’m sticking to it. ūüėé. Please be in touch, if I forgot you, don’t take it personally. I’m creating systems to organize my systems. “That was a joke”.

Kingston Farmers Market is also on Facebook.

May God grant us a great year, in weather, health of us and our bees, no foulbrood, and lots of good sweet HONEY!

Contact me anytime….

Christopher Smolko

Smolko’s Farm & Bees



As winter continues and spring is around the corner, I evaluate my Bee Business. Bees looked great up to a week ago, but now are struggling. Too much cold? To wet? Fighting to keep them alive is always a challenge in the last few months of winter. New bee packages on order. Finding the balance. How do the commercial guys do it. I thought being a chef used to be stressful!

I saw this magazine in the local Wilco Store. I didn’t buy it. But finding more and more public interest in bees is exciting and scary. Bees are facing a lot of challenges. Their is so much waste in government spending, maybe having a state budget to support local bee companies doing research might be an answer to some issues Bees are facing. I have some ideas to try for improving the overwintering process, but it all takes money. If you can, support your local beekeepers. Buy some honey and ask how you can help save these precious little pollinators.

Spring is Coming.

I have been thinking.

As Im building frames and preparing for this next bee season, I am looking forward to seeing my hives like this again. ¬†Full of bees working hard, pollinating all the plants, collecting nectar and turning it into gold, or Honey, and bringing in Pollen. ¬†They are the hardest workers out there! ¬†I am getting ready for the Kingston Farmers Market, talking with people and selling honey. ¬†I am finishing up getting people lined up for renting hives for this season. ¬†unfortunately I don’t travel too far, but if you live in and around the Key Peninsula area, Id love to put two hives on your place. ¬†I do all the work, you can join me and learn as much or as little and you like. ¬†Experience Honey Bees at work for one season, it’s $260.00 for everything. ¬†You get the ability to experience the bees, see them in action, all the pollination in your area, and a dozen pounds of Honey at the end of the season! ¬†2 hives minimum at 130$ ¬†so 260$ total and you can add as many as you want for 130$ more and a half dozen more jars of honey.

Call me, Email me, Text me,


Christopher Smolko

Winter Bee Keeping

So I stepped it up a bit this winter in my feeding. ¬†I purchased a 50# bag of “Ultra Bee Pro” from MannLake. ¬†I mixed up some Protein Patties with that and a 2-1 sugar syrup. ¬†I dropped them in the hives yesterday. ¬†I also added some sugar bricks several weeks back. ¬†I mixed Sugar with H2O and some Lemon Grass Essential Oil. ¬†Made some bricks and put them in. ¬†all my hives have moved up and around the bricks and they’re loving them. ¬†I failed on getting enough syrup in the hives in the fall. ¬†All my hives are looking good. ¬†Except….

My TopBar Hive. ¬†I just had the thought to take my TopBar bees and transfer them into my observation hive, and yes…. Put them in the house! ¬†But when I opened them up I was sad to see that they had starved. ¬†I feel totally responsible, I knew it would happen to them and I waited till too late to rescue them. ¬†If you’ve ever seen bees that have died from lack of food, it’s sad. ¬†All their butts are sticking out of the comb and their gone. ¬†So I had to brush that off and move onto the others. ¬†Im hoping for all the rest to make it through. ¬†Miracles can happen, even in the NorthWest of Washington State.

The bees are pretty cute when all snuggled in for the winter. ¬†Isn’t it incredible God’s creation.