Bees and Coconuts

I was recently in the Caribbean. While there, I couldn’t help but admire all the palm trees, specifically the coconut palms. Seeing them with their coconuts at different stages of development. I have always had a fascination with fruit trees and coconut palms the same. The many ways that coconuts are used throughout all stages of their development. How incredible God is with all of His creation and creativity.

The one thing that remains true is pollination and honey bees. And they were sure busy. I can’t help but wonder what coconut honey tastes like?


Rent your own BeeHives!

I’m late in marketing, but 2018 will be the 3rd year that I’m renting hives to people.

What you get?…

2 hives placed on your property for the bee season. Spring when new bees arrive through August.

The bees and I do all the work

Observe the process, learn, join as you want. I’m in the hives about every 9 days.


A dozen pound jars of honey at the end of the season. A $144.00 value.

Price is $260.00 total.

Add hives for an additional $130.00 each get 6 more jars of honey.

I only offer to a certain distance from my own apiaries. Call for info to see if your eligible/interested.

I live on the Key Peninsula. A mile and half from Key Center

Sugar Bricks

I made 20#’s of sugar bricks for my 9 wintering hives. Sugar, H2O & lemongrass essential oil.

I was too busy this bee season and didn’t do a good job managing their winter stores. I put the bricks in and immediately the bees are loving them.

Thinking of adding some dry bee-pro. Not sure though.

Many new ideas I’m playing with this year. Looking forward to next spring.