I’m fulfilling my Bucket List!!!  Through a wonderful friend “Juanita”, I learned how to make Tamale’s, Beans & Enchalada Sauce!  They are so good. I was especially excited about the sauce! I would’nt have thought to make it the way I learned in a million years on my own. A whole new world of authentic cuisine has opened up. Thankyou so much Juanita!

~Christopher Smolko

Lunch anybody?

If you’re in Seattle, stop by for a sandwich. This place is the bomb!!!  I’m a big guy, but 1/2 of any of their sandwiches is plenty for me. I also followed it down with a new root beer. The “Cubano” for instance is a taste explosion that melds together beautifully on the pallet. Ever heard of a smoked pickle?  Well, that’s one of the many unique and creative flavores. 10$ for a sandwich of this caliber is worth googling the name and using your gps to get there.