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Honey for sale…

1# jar $12.00 blackberry blossom or wildflower 

1/2 gallon or 6# $40.00 

Two 1/2 gallons or 12# for $70.00

1# Creamed Honey $15.00

2oz bear $3.00

1# Muth Jar $25.00 – not always on stock

Seasonal varieties as available. 

Ask me what I currently have jarred from the Key Peninsula. Supplies and prices vary throughout the year. 

My beehives are located throughout the Key Peninsula, 30 minutes from GigHarbor, Washington. 

All the honey I sell is completely raw, natural. Not heated, pasteurized, or processed to remove any of the goodness that the bees dedicate their lives to make. 

I maintain an average of 10 hives throughout the year. I’m always growing. With 10 hives I can produce a fair amount of product, but I regularly augment my sales with other Western Washington beekeepers to maintain enough for consistent sales. I sell my private honey from the Key Peninsula as well as honey with the same quality and care from other local beekeepers.